The Flea Experiment

The Flea Experiment

How many times do you think I cannot do that?

Like me I am sure you have your moments where you hold yourself back from achieving things. Could you run a marathon? I used to think I couldn’t but I did. I remember having to face my fears as I did some out door activities with some young people. Some of them didn’t seem to care about walking over the large telegraph pole that was 20 feet in the air. I had to do it and I did! It is amazing what you can do when you give it a go. I watched a number of people fire walking on Saturday night. The temp was over 600 degrees!! Check out the Facebook Page – Firewalking Ireland

Enjoy this video.


We need to take every thought captive and check if it is correct. We need to be careful about the limits that others put on us.

Have a Flea Jumping week!


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