The Door

The Door

It was a cold dark winter’s night and the car had broken down on a narrow country road. What was I to do? Where was I to go? In the distance a small light shone through the darkness beckoning me to come to it.

It was an old farmhouse with a light above the door. Would this door remain closed or would it be opened with a welcoming face?

For many a door is viewed as negative. It is a closed door, a barrier but it doesn’t have to be that Closed or Openway. A door can be seen as an opportunity. In business every day we meet people who are willing to help us but they don’t know how. They can be seen as a closed door or they can be a door of opportunity with great potential. We need to seek out these doors of opportunity every day. With the door in front we need to knock.

I knock the front door and wait for someone to open. The light comes on in the hallway I hear footsteps coming from within. They are getting closer and I hear them just behind the door. This door has a security door viewer and a triple lock. What would you do before opening the door at this time of the night?

The 3 locks on the door are called KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.
• Do I know this person?
• Do I like this person?
• Do I trust this person?

The 1st lock clicks as they turn the key the 2nd and then the 3rd. The occupant of the house opens the door and asks that all important question, “How can I help you?” What will I now say? Can you help me? My car has broken down.

In business every day we meet people we don’t know or who we don’t know very well. They are a closed door to us. How can we get to know other people and start to build a relationship.
On a personal level we can connect over a coffee and learn more about each other. We may discuss our personal goals, our achievements and our interests. There is also a benefit to connect over social media and continue to learn about each other personally. It is important to connect personally before we connect over business. It is possible to be known and liked personally but yet not be trusted in a business capacity.

Trust takes time! We know people who we trust. People who go out of their way to help you without any thought of return. They follow through on their commitments and do what they say. They are honest and have shown gratitude.

Someone who opens the door of their life to you can be a continual stream of business, advice or practical support.

Every person is a door. They are either for now a closed door or they are an open door. Look around you and view all the doors on offer. What are you in need of? Clients, advice or support?
• Seek out a door today
• Knock on that door today
• Ask for help today – do you know what you want?

From this moment start a relationship by exchanging your contact details.

Thank goodness that light was shining and beckoning me to the door.

Remember and light up your door with a welcoming SMILE.


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