The 10 Point Diet with a Business Twist Part 5

The 10 Point Diet with a Business Twist Part 5

Don’t drink alcohol

Alcohol is a poison and it is not healthy. Alcohol is an enemy to fat loss programs. What things in your life are poison, unhealthy and an enemy to your goals?

It could be that you are spending too much time with negative people who are zapping your energy. I remember one person telling me I shouldn’t run a marathon. It was suggested that I should maybe do a ½ marathon first. I responded by saying that I was running a ½ marathon and then I was running another one. Maybe you are listening to doom and gloom of the newspaper and tv. I know we need to live in the real world but let us look for the good and focus on that.

  • Go cold turkey – switch some things off
  • Create new habits
  • Create alternatives

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