Working with the Mastermind group has been a real tangible benefit to me and my business. Working with a group of peers like this on a regular basis means I have a sounding board for my ideas, with experience-based feedback coming from the other members. Made up of like-minded professionals, who between them have such a wide range of experience and know-how, they have shown me sides to issues I never considered.
My business has achieved a 45% increase in sales this year. We have much better systems in place this year and with the advice and accountability received from the mastermind group, this growth has come without additional stress or overheads.

The Monthly Mastermind meetings ensure I give time to strategic business development. It lifts me from the everyday “doin’ it, doin’ it, doin it” to considering what I want from the business (over and above a ‘self-employed JOB’).

Personally, I’m convinced my efficiency has improved and my thinking is far beyond what it was even a year ago.

I can recommend a Mastermind group to anyone in business. Andrew’s oversight, direction and input is without doubt the fuel that makes this group so effective! http://www.smilecolourprinting.com/

Brendan, DirectorSmile Colour Printing

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for inviting me to your latest Clarity, Focus and Accountability Workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, met new contacts and most importantly set new goals for the future; both personally and for my business.

As a new business it can sometimes be a lonely and daunting place. The ‘to-do’ list always seems to get longer. You have helped me to focus on priorities and take one activity at a time. I specifically took note of your time management techniques; 2 weeks since the workshop I am already beginning to see a change in my work load and more importantly a reduction in my stress levels.

My focus for the rest of 2013 is streamlining my business, putting systems in place and spending more times developing my clients to ensure we can be as efficient as possible when working together.

On a personal level I have removed a barrier which was stopping me moving forward. A recent discussion with a client will allow me to grow my business in 2014. I would not have initiated that conversation had in not been for the workshop and a clear focus on priorities and goals.

Liz House, The Book KeeperBook Keeper

After sitting down with Andrew for a couple of hours, I left feeling enthused and inspired. He has a fantastic way of getting the cogs churning and I came away full of ideas on how I wanted to approach different matters within the business. I would highly recommend Andrew and would encourage others to avail of his services.

Cathy Brown, DirectorCredit Control Direct Limited

Andrew has helped me focus on what is important for my business in terms of existing customer relations, and setting goals for sourcing new business. As a business owner it is all too easy to avoid honest self appraisal; Attending Andrew’s Business Mindset workshops and our weekly follow up calls has brought more accountability to how I run my business, made me appraise current situations more honestly and be more ordered in both planning and tackling the workload ahead. Taking on board his first piece of advice laid to new business that has paid for his services to date several times over. More importantly amidst the current doom and gloom prevalent in the construction industry, he has helped me focus on what is positive and how to build on this.

Stephen Salley, PrincipalHBK Architects

I recently attended The Business Mind Set’s ‘Clarity, Focus and Accountability’ workshop. I found it very helpful in allowing me to take a step back and look at my business. I am now setting realistic goals with dates & have a clear idea of what I am working towards. With a wide variety of businesses in the room, it was interesting to hear about others’ experiences. Highly recommended, thanks Andrew.

Ashleigh Carson, PhotographerAshleigh Carson Photography

I recently attended one of Andrew’s Business Mindset events and was very impressed. Andrew’s approach, his style and the methods he uses in helping business owners is both unique and highly effective. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Andrew and The Business Mindset.

John Carnduff, ##