Sales Follow Up

Sales Follow Up

Follow up needs to be in your procedures

Follow up needs to be in your procedures

One of the greatest privileges I had in life was working for ATS Euromaster. During those years I learnt soo much about business. During on training workshop on sales we found out there was a simple system that you could follow. That sales system was:

  • Find a need
  • Prove the need
  • Make a recommendation
  • ASK for the sale
  • Shut up
  • ……..Ask again

I realise that this was in a face to face situation but it can be adapted for any B2B selling. One thing that is missing from this system is the need for follow up.

I recently had a conversation with one business who recently gave a quote for their services of over £3000. He was competing with two other companies for the business. Did he follow up? No! Did he lose the business? He doesn’t know! Interestingly enough he actually hadn’t lost the business as the prospect was still waiting for his quote. The quote was lost in cyber world.

Business is always open but lose sales during to the lack of follow up on quotations.

Here are somethings you could do depending on the size of the potential business.

  1. Deliver the quote in person – It gives you an opportunity to discuss your quote.
  2. Send the email and follow up – make sure the quote was received
  3. Follow Up – It gives you a chance to celebrate your success or to receive feedback

I hope my friend follows up again and gets the business!



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