I have trouble with piles!

I have trouble with piles!

Yes you read this correctly.When I say I have trouble with piles I mean that I have piles of paper everywhere. Can you relate to me or are you super organised?

As a half Scot and born on Hogmanay I was taught some of the Hogmanay traditions. One of these is that the house should be cleaned before the New Year.  It may be a great tradition although I don’t think I will adhere to it this year. Although I may not clean the house I will be attacking my office. The battle cry will be “Declutter”.

Declutter – to simplify or get rid of mess, disorder, complications, etc: declutter your life

Some areas I will be decluttering over these next days & weeks are:

  • Office
  • Email Inbox – If you want to stop getting my emails please respond with REMOVE.
  • Email Lists
  • Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Direct Debits – I have already saved some money
  • Commitments – Learning to say no.
  • People – Caution needed here
  • Thoughts

The benefits of decluttering will help us save time and be better organised which will enable us to do more work or enjoy more leisure time. It will also bring a clearer focus to our lives.

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Wishing you a Very Prosperous New Year – Declutter!


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