I could have kicked myself!

I could have kicked myself!

I had the great opportunity to be at The Gerry Duffy Speaker School on Saturday. There was nearly 200 people in the room and I had the chance to give a 15 second intro about what I do. This what I said briefly:

clarityImagine yourself driving through dense fog. This is how many business people are driving their business. Cut through the fog with  CLARITY,  FOCUS  & ACCOUNTABILITY. You may still reach your destination but we can help get you there quicker.

This quick presentation was given with another 15 different people on stage. The question is, “will anyone remember my 15 second intro or did it get lost among everyone else?” My fear is that it got lost – I could have kicked myself. I should have known better!!

Don gave his intro which included using his canoe paddle while we were encouraged to join him in the canoe. I STILL REMEMBER IT!

If you have to do a presentation use something visable so people remember you for the right reason.

I am away to find a BIG pair of glasses that will help me see through the fog with CLARITYFOCUS & ACCOUNTABILITY.

PS. If you would like to discuss this on the phone, please book your slot via https://thebusinessmindset.youcanbook.me/

Andrew Dobbin



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