I am too busy working in my business!

I am too busy working in my business!

This is the conversation I had with a business recently. He was too busy working in his business to work on it. Because of this he was unable to think of the good things that had happened in his business that month. This man was successful and good stuff was happening but it was buried under the daily grind of business activity.

busyStop what you are doing this Friday and celebrate your successes this month! Write them down and thank those who helped you achieve them.

If you want to free up more time, which will help you to take time out to work on your businesss, download this form and work your way through the activity.

It will surprise you but you will realise that there are some things you don’t need to do. You can DITCH them or DELEGATE to someone else. This could be your marketing, social media posts or accounts etc. You decide.

At a recent workshop one business owner who valued her position as £50,000 per year realise they were spending 50% of their time doing £7.50 per hour jobs!

If you want me to walk through the form with please feel free to email info@thebusinessmindset.co.uk


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