How do you get your business?

How do you get your business?

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Every business needs to connect with people to sell their products or services. Andrew Dobbin, founder of the Business Mindset, explains how many people spend thousands on lead generation. People use: web sites, google ad words, adverts, social media and cold calling etc.

Each one of these are legitimate ways of generating leads but one of the most cost-effective ways is, meeting people through, networking. Normally within your local community there are organised events which you can attend.

Many people, who attend networking events, mistakenly think that they should meet as many people, pass out as many cards and collect as many cards as possible. People like this attend events to sell their wares but they soon find that there are very few buyers.

Networking is about connecting with people and building relationships. It is not about meeting everyone but connecting with those who can help you and you them. It is not about quantity but the quality of the connections. Before you attend an event have a clear picture of your ideal client and who may be able to introduce you. Find a company or profession that is working with your target market where you do not compete e.g. web-designer and the printer.

There is great potential in a room full of people. Find someone you want to work with and arrange a coffee outside the meeting. It is better to connect and follow up at a later stage. During the coffee, you can discuss how best you can help each other. My purpose of attending a networking event is to meet two people and to arrange a coffee outside the meeting.

When you are looking for others to introduce you to potential clients remember that you need to do some work. Make sure you are clear who you are looking to deal with. We need to get away from wanting to deal with “ANYONE” to “THIS is who I am looking to deal with.

It takes time to grow your business through “Networking” as each party needs to have TRUST in each other.

Trust is about having Credibility, Reliability, Intimacy and Reputation.

Build a strong, sustaining business through building relationships with quality people. Have a purpose for every networking event and remember that your next piece of business may start through a cup of coffee.

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