Get on the “Business”Scales today

Get on the “Business”Scales today

businessmoneySome years ago I attended a local Slimming World group. Yes, I was overweight and I could do with going for a check in again. You may ask how I know this. The answer is simple, I check out the bathroom scales regularly! I also have a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) system in place. It’s called a belt.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I have plenty of sales but profit is poor.”

It is time to get on the Business Scales. If you want to lose weight you need to know the numbers. It is no different in business. You need to know your numbers:

·        Sales

·        Margin

·        Profit

·        Lead Conversion

·        Costs

I am sure you might want to put a couple more in around lead generation.

It is a great idea to review your costs at regular times. I recently reviewed my cost for:

·        Broadband – saving approx. 25%

·        Car Insurance – saving approx. 20%

·        Mobile Phone – saving approx. 40% (watch out for those hidden charges)

Lose the excess weight in your costs today helping you have a leaner fitter business.

Andrew Dobbin

The Business Mindset

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