Apps helping you increase your business

Apps helping you increase your business


Recently I had the privilege of being on a sales & marketing panel at the DOmobile event in Omagh. This event was organised by Daryl Conway of We are Digital NI.

The main focus of the day was how you use your mobile for business. Many of the speakers focused on things like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

I was accompanied on the panel by Peter McNicholl who is a Facebook Expert. He also owns a company called Get on his website and create your own TouchCall Link. If someone clicks your TouchCall Link on your social media content via their Smartphone – It automatically calls your business.

The other person on the panel was Niamh Taylor from Digital Twenty Four who displayed a great knowledge of the Digital Marketing world.

Are your PILES holding back your business? What has this to do with “From Contact to Contract”? I know I had trouble with PILES until I started using Full Contact Card Reader. This business card reader has really changed how I record all the details of the people I meet at Networking events organised byBNI, WIB or LCCC etc

Now that you have got rid of the piles what do you do next. The next best suggestion is to get them into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. There are many out there that are free which also includes ZOHO CRM which I use. Although I have moved past the free version and have upgraded enabling me to integrate with my Google Apps for Work.

Once in the CRM you can move your contacts through from leads to contacts and with the right offering you can bring them to the invoice stage. This is where I move to using ZOHO Invoice. This allows me to invoice straight from my PC, iPad or iPhone. This system allows you to have payment gateways as well sending out your invoice reminders. You don’t have to use Zoho Invoice as there are many systems out there like Xero or Wave which is free to use.

The secret is to have a system that helps to automate your processes, saving you time, which will enable you to spend time on your business while increasing sales.

Put a system in place today that will create CONTACTS to CONTRACTS! Get rid of the spreadsheets and word for invoicing.

Need more info or help please book a half hour telephone call.

P.S. What are you favourite apps and why?


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