Do, Delegate or Ditch

Do, Delegate or Ditch

This stopped a business owner employing a £30k salary

This stopped a business owner employing a £30k salary

Every day we awaken from our sleep our inbox has increased and our to-do list has got longer. Is that the case with you and those you work with?

Ask yourself about every task – Do I need to do this task?

Do you need to the task at all? Maybe you should DITCH it!
Do you need to do the task yourself? Can someone else do it for you? DELEGATE it.
Do you need to do the task? Yes – Schedule it in your diary and then DO it.

Sometime ago I worked with Dungannon Enterprise on what was called the Ten Project. The project was about working with 10 companies over 10 weeks to create 10 new jobs. One activity that was completed in this successful project was the Do, Delegate or Ditch activity.

If you want to free up some time, become more productive and make a greater impact on your business then you could complete the following simple activity.

If you had to employ someone to do your role how much would you have to pay them?
Make a list of every activity in your business. Daily, Weekly & Monthly.
Do you have to Do it? Can you Delegate it or should you Ditch it.
Put an hourly cost against each activity. If it is below your Hourly Rate could you ask someone else to do it for you?

If you would like a copy of the Activity Sheet please email

Imagine if you could free up more time to focus on Money Generating Activities.

If you could free up only one hour per week what would you do? I would love to hear your suggestions.


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