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Business & Sport

After losing some weight (5 Stone) I decided to run the Belfast Marathon as a challenge. Look at the pictures and have giggle.


As you can See I was not in great shape never mind running a marathon. During the weight loss program and training for the 2012 Belfast marathon I learnt soo much about business and achieving goals. andrew2012
Business and sport have soo much in common. One great company I met through business was an organisation that organise running events called Born2Run. I recently had the great privilege of attending an event organised by Born2Run where Gerry Duffy was speaking. I recently got in touch with Gerry after reading his book Tick Tock Ten. This is a must read book for anyone who wants to achieve more.



Watch this Video and stretch yourself today


We can all do more. On the night Gerry mentioned 5 Key Habits which are

  1. Have a Goal and write it down
  2. Surround yourself with Great People
  3. Be willing to practise
  4. Be different in your approach
  5. Have the right Mindset

If you would like a FREE Goal Planner for all areas of your life go to

It will be great to see Gerry back in Belfast to speak to Business Owners. If you would like to hear Gerry please feel free to e-mail me at


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