Baby Wipe Test

Baby Wipe Test

Great Customer Service

Andrew I am sure if you are like me you can recollect a number of poor customer service experiences. I am sure you have all experienced the feeling of being of ignored at the checkout till.

Years ago I worked for ATS Euromaster who used to have a sign in every customer waiting area. The message was that customers were important. They were the reason of our work and not a hindrance. “Customers make paydays possible”.

Last week I spent some time in Ed’s Bar and Grill in Lisburn with a business contact for dinner. As usual I spilt bbq sauce down my shirt which resulted in a stain that needed removed. My friend remarked that I needed a baby wipe. It’s a long time since I have bought baby wipes. Help was at hand, there was a family with young children in the restaurant. I requested Nicki my server, if she wished, to ask the family for me for a baby wipe.

“Leave it with me”, she said. The next thing she was back with a packet that they kept for the occasional accident.

Great Customer Service – They passed the Baby Wipe Test.

Andrew have you had a great customer experience? Please feel free to share it.


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