2015 Reviewed

2015 Reviewed

Wow what a great year! This was a year where I fulfilled one of my dreams.

Some of my highlights this year were:

• Completed the Omagh Half Marathon
• Completed the Belfast Marathon
• Took a city break to Krakow
• Started a Church project of Tract Distribution
• Purchased 30% of the BNI Northern Ireland Region
• Started a new BNI Chapter – Invictus

11108290_10203973081117332_8634615187036924048_nThe dream I fulfilled this year was visiting Auschwitz concentration camp at Krakow. This is a visit you cannot prepare yourself for. This visited highlighted man inhumanity to man. Some of the things that were done to other human beings were unspeakable.





Reality hit home when I looked at the pictures of the internees. These pictures documented when they arrived and when they died. The average survival rate was approx. 6 months.


11150392_10203973071677096_6433154560799634405_nOther poignant moments were when I viewed the discarded suitcases, piles of human hair, spectacles and the prosthetic limbs. Everyone with a prosthetic limb was sent to the gas chambers straight away.
Many of the people arrived in these camps by train and that is where the line came to an end.




11156359_10203972814230660_2929457821405826779_nWhat were their thoughts? I cannot imagine!






It may not be everyone’s dream but it is a place that everyone should visit.




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