Monthly Archives: January 2014

Social Media – Friend or Foe

Please watch and listen to Gareth Walls from A&L Goodbody speaking to Andrew Dobbin of The Business Mindset. Gareth was speaking at the recent LEN Event run by Lisburn City Council. If you would like to see the full presentation given by Gareth Walls please DOWNLOAD

Make an IMPACT!

 You can make an impact on the world if you want to! The world has changed. It is now possible to produce a song or write a book and get it published. We can reach the world through e-mail, twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. We have soo many free things at our finger tips. Are you using them to reach your target market? We can now compete with large companies. …

The Business Mindset Interviews Joanne Sweeney-Burke

Andrew Dobbin from The Business Mindset interviews Joanne from Digital Training. This interview took place at Omagh Enterprise Joanne’s subject for the day was Online PR. This was very beneficial to all who attended this event. We all left with plenty of action points. Listen to Joanne and then get your business story out there.


I have just been reading this morning the parable about the sower and it reminded me of the Mastermind Group last night. Learn more about Mastermind Group – Show me now There are 4 places where you can sow 1. The Wayside 2. The Stony Place 3. The Thorny Place 4. The Good Ground There is only one place where we get the fruit! The Good Ground. Why …